Who the Fu...nnel is Jason Economides?
Trained by some of the world's top companies, including Clickfunnels!
Jason Economides
Founder of Funnel Jedi
"Jason is a kind, intelligent and multi-talented person that I highly recommend you look to work with." - Jennifer Earle - Founder and CEO at Taste Tripper. Chocolate Expert & Consultant in the Food Industry
Jason Economides - Biography
Jason Economides Begins his Jedi Training. Starting in men's formalwear rentals, Jason learned the importance of literally waiting hand and foot on customers, he continued onto working for many different companies in different industries always in sales, customer service and business development.

At 16, on a mission to generate enough cash to pay for his driving lessons, Jason joined Pizza Hut as a waiter and learned the importance of keeping eye contact with all customers at all times, learning the invaluable skill of OTOs (One-time-offers) and Order Bumps. 

Later, at Mercury One-to-one (now T-Mobile / EE in the UK) and Demon Internet (One of the first UK ISPs) Jason trained in the art of customer service and sales forming the foundation of his Funnel Jedi powers. Skills he learned included the importance of personal goal-setting and hitting sales-targets, gathering customer data and creating targetted offers.

Desperate to learn the most advanced sales and business development skills, Jason spent the following 7 years working for HSBC and Merrill Lynch as an institutional stockbroker. Selling Equity research, and taking top US and Canadian Company C-Level executives on the road to meet investors, Jason learned how to build a business generating $5-7mn in sales commissions per year.

After leaving the finance industry, Jason passed on the gems of his Jedi training to over 500 individual clients who didn't know how to sell themselves. Strategies included using NLP skills (and other JEDI mind-tricks) in interviews and business negotiations. In 2011, Jason began to focus on working exclusively with small business owners that had never been taught any sales, marketing or business development techniques. 

Founder of ecobusinessacademy.com (training/coaching) and later funneljedi.com (Done-for-you)

2016 sees Jason achieved the coveted status of Clickfunnels Certified Partner, an endorsement bestowed upon those who dare to take the most intense and demanding online funnel building training course in the Galaxy.....

Jason's current mission is to help as many realtors, coaches, dentists, accountants, CPAs and other service business to build their businesses online and offline.
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